Vera Linton's artistic career began early, but she didn't know she was a writer until college when her stories began to catch the attention of her professors. They encouraged her to pursue a writing career and while she chose to go into graphic design just out of college, her passion for telling good stories lingered. For many years, creating beautiful art filled up Linton's free time while also winning her awards. 

It was not long after her mother passed away that Linton began writing again. Watching her mother take life into her own hands after her father passed away was inspiring to her. "Mother had to learn to do everything for herself; she had to learn the most basic of life tasks. My character, Maggie, blossomed out of the lessons that I learned from my mother's strength and drive to live life to the fullest."

Linton was raised in California, the daughter of Russian immigrant parents. "Life was different as the daughter of immigrants," she reflects on her upbringing. "You went to school and tried to fit into normal, American life. Yet, back at home on the farm, our parents raised us with very traditional values that sometimes clashed with the life we saw outside."

This search of distinct identity has given rise to her Maggie Bloom series, where a woman, just like the rest of us, discovers that life is an adventure waiting to be lived. Linton strives to create stories that are relatable to everyone. Her characters are fresh, alive, and real--all struggling to find the life of which they dream.