Based on the true story of two young lovers in war-torn Russia. Dancing On the Water's Edge will leave you breathless...


Dancing on the Water's Edge

Dancing on the Water's Edge weaves a true-to-life love story into the drama and intrigue of a thrilling World War II novella.

Paper or Plastic

A Maggie Bloom novel. In the first book in the series, Maggie wakes to find her husband is gone, her children are grown, and she is left alone without a job.

With intriguing plot twists and mouth watering recipes, Maggie will leave you laughing, crying, and chasing your own dreams.


Fulfill A Promise

A Maggie Bloom novel. The second book in the series whisks Maggie away to Italy, where handsome men, lost luggage, and a mysterious letter keep Maggie on her toes.

With a dreamy Italian bachelor and tantalizing Italian cuisine, a long lost secret will be revealed that changes Maggie's life forever.


Vera Linton, Author and Illustrator


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