A wise man once said, "If it's not one thing, it's your mother."

The adventures continue in the third installment of the Maggie Bloom novels. Maggie's life seems to be finally coming together... or is it? Will she say "I do"? And just when she thought she had this middle-age thing figured out her mother turns her world upside down. Maggie welcomes a new addition to her family and finds a new friend in Mabel, a woman who brings a different perspective to her life. This story will make you laugh out loud, cry, dream, and crave the mouthwatering recipes cooked up in Maggie's kitchen.


Paper or Plastic: A Maggie Bloom Novel. Book one.


A Maggie Bloom novel. In the first book in the series, Maggie wakes to find her husband is gone, her children are grown, and she is left alone without a job. Maggie's adventures begin as she struggles to recreate her life.


Fulfill A Promise: A Maggie Bloom Novel. Book two.

A Maggie Bloom novel. The second book in the series whisks Maggie away to Italy, where handsome men, lost luggage, and a mysterious letter keep Maggie on her toes. What secret will be revealed that changes Maggie's life forever.


NEW! In Full Bloom: A Maggie Bloom Novel. Book three.


A Maggie Bloom novel. The third book in the series, Maggie’s life seems to be finally falling into place…or is it? Maggie’s mother, Jackie experiences a series of scary and unfortunate events which leaves Maggie confronted with making a decision affecting them both.


Vera Linton, Author


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